Wearing Colored Contact Lenses Safely

Colored contact lenses, also known as costume or decorative lenses, have gained popularity, especially in this new age of Instagram and Facebook. Celebrities and models wear colored contact lenses to change their look, and many people are emulating this. 

Adding a new slash of color in your eyes can be fun. You can even reshape the pupils of your eyes using decorative lenses to bring serious impact to a costume. The number of people who wear costume lenses during Halloween continues to increase every year.

How Safe Are Colored Contact Lenses?

Anyone can wear colored contact lenses. Whether you wear contacts or glasses or have 20/20 vision, you can wear colored contacts lenses if you want to transform your eyes in an instant. However, colored contacts are notorious for causing a wide range of eye health problems. If contact lenses are not fitted properly, they can cause damage to your eyes.

Not all colored or decorative lenses are FDA-approved, especially those sold in novelty shops or online stores. Before you buy any colored or decorative lenses, you need to get an eye exam and a prescription from a professional eye doctor. This rule applies whether you need these lenses as a novelty or for regular use. 

Risks of Wearing Unprescribed Colored Contact Lenses

It is illegal to sell contact lenses online. Be careful not to buy contact lenses in salons, gas stations, or online stores. These products may cause serious damage to your eyes. Every person has a unique eye shape that needs to be measured before getting a contact lens prescription. There is no one-size-fits-all in contact lenses. 

If you wear colored lenses that do not fit, chances are high that you may scratch your cornea. Additionally, illegal decorative lenses contain paint that restricts the free flow of oxygen to the eye. Decorative contacts are more rigid, thicker, less breathable, and may trap bacteria underneath, causing an eye infection. 

Some illegal contacts contain toxic chemicals that may irritate the eye. Cosmetic contact lens manufacturers use chemicals to create different color shades, and some of these chemicals may be harmful to the eye. Such colored contact lenses may cause lasting effects such as drooping eyelids, corneal scars, and vision damage.

How to Wear Contact Lenses Safely

You can enjoy wearing colored contact lenses if you follow these safety tips:

  • Get an eye exam - Book an appointment with a professional eye doctor to get an eye exam. During the eye exam, your eye doctor will find out if you have any underlying issues that may need treatment. 

  • Prescription -The eye doctor will measure your eyes to prescribe contact lenses that will fit properly. You can ask your eye doctor to recommend the best brand of colored contact lenses you can use and the best place to buy them from. 

  • Do not share - Never share your colored contact lenses with anyone. You will be putting the other person at risk of scratching their cornea. Sharing contact lenses can also put both person’s eyes at risk of getting an eye infection. 

  • Dispose of contacts after expiry date - Contact lenses do not last long. Ensure you dispose of your contacts within the set period. Contacts can only last for 30 days, even those designed for long-term wear.

For more on wearing colored contact lenses safely, visit Miller Vision Center at our office in Norman, Oklahoma. You can call (405) 389-4200 today to schedule an appointment.

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